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Karen's Story: Don't count the years, count the memories.

Karen was a much loved Daughter, Sister, Partner, Mother and Friend to so many. She lives beyond her life in the collective minds of her family and friends and will always be missed and loved forever. Karen will continue to live forever through her legacy of compassion in the form of 'The Karen Trust'. 


Nothing prepares you for the loss of a loved one.

We got the devastating news from Karen's doctor in April 2008 and so it began the process of denial, anger, sadness and acceptance.

The very same day that Karen received the news that she had been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, she became the healer of our sorrows. She decided to celebrate life for what it was and to enjoy as many moments as she could, with her family and friends with the precious time she had left.

Karen was given 18 months to live but only survived 14 months . She spent much of her time concerned about people's feeling and acknowledging her fate with a deeper sense of acceptance ( not denial ) and inner peace .

Karen took the time to be at peace with her spiritual side and her faith in her religion helped her to understand that "life is a journey" for some the road is short, but for others it is longer; and what we have to understand is that it is important we should not 'count the years, but count the memories we share.'

Understandably, Karen felt sad sometimes "we are all human" and the thought of not seeing her little girl Lily Rose grow up into a woman, was probably the hardest to deal with.

However, Karen took comfort in the fact that Lily Rose would be surrounded by the love of her devoted father Mitchell, her loving grand parents, her older brother and sister Aruna and Saul, her adoring God-parents, as well as her whole family to help her develop into someone that she would be very proud of.

Karen also understood that Lily Rose would always have her very own guardian angel watching over her and the rest of the family.

It was Karen's wish to help others who find themselves in the same uncompromising situation that Karen was in . She appreciated the support of her family and friends , who helped her through the hard times. Even in this time of her life, Karen thought of others who may not be as fortunate as herself.

Many people find themselves with little or no support . This is the reason we have decided to set up 'The Karen Trust ' in order to help others through this difficult journey in their life and possibly help them come to terms with their illness. Hopefully helping them to accept it and find peace within themselves.

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